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Australia's Most Advanced and Highly Efficient Chromotography Technology

Use Chromaspeed’s Advanced Column Technology To Significantly Improve a Variety Of  Chromatographic Separations

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Pipetting Samples

Chromaspeed's Advanced Column Technology Addresses The Main Problems In The HPLC Field

Chromaspeed has developed technology that significantly improves a variety of operational factors such as higher separation efficiency, which translates to faster separations and improved sensitivity in detection, ultimately leading to improved accuracy in the analysis

Increases the analytical through-put

Increasing the speed of separation and analysis

Maximises separation efficiency and peak capacity

Giving Chromaspeed the ability to separate more components in each period.

Improves the detection sensitivity in analysis

Our tech determines more about the sample while testing less of the sample


Easy integration with existing systems


Higher efficiency separation providing more accurate results 


More versatile than other existing methods


Seamless interface providing a variety of functions.


Estimated 25% to 50% lower system cost 

The Benefits Of Using Our Technology Are Second To None

Our tec
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Chromaspeed’s Advanced Column Technology (ACT) is Centred Around A Unique Design Facet Of The Column Outlet

This design feature is referred to as the Wide Bore Outlet Column concept (WBOC).


The WBOC is a platform that enables the end of the column to be seamlessly reconfigured in a variety of ways that enhance the performance and versatility of a regular HPLC or UHPLC column.


In its current state of development Chromaspeed has built the platform for three different commercially available columns, each for different manufacturer’s column hardware.​

Chromaspeed's Diverse Market

Any current testing process that utilises existing separation technology could be replaced with our technology and substantial gains in performance will be realised

The medical field
The Food Industry
Fine Chemical 
Elite Sport Testing
Pharmaceutical industry
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